Srimanthudu Movie Live Updates | Mahesh Babu | Sruthi Hassan

Srimanthudu Movie Live Updates | Mahesh Babu | Sruthi Hassan

Srimanthudu Movie Live Updates...

 Live Updates of Mahesh Babu’s much awaited film Srimanthudu.

Updated 08:00 AM
The movie ended with a Happy note.

Updated 07:55 AM
Climax with some family sentimental scenes.

Updated 07:50 AM
Very grand climax. Climax scene is mind blowing.

Updated 07:45 AM
A good sentiment scene between Rajendra Prasad and Mahesh Babu.

Updated 07:40 AM
Mahesh Babu’s new stylish fighting scenes in village with Villian. It’s Black T-Shirt with Cycle fight.

Updated 07:30 AM
The last Song of the film “Dhimma Thirige…….” has just started.

Updated 07:25 AM
The movie heads into a flashback mode. Jagapathi Babu makes a re-entry
Updated 07:20 AM
Some comedy scenes featuring Ali and Vennela Kishore are on now.

Updated 07:10 AM
Mahesh Babu is motivating village people for development.

Updated 07:05 AM
Here comes the much publicized Lungi look of Mahesh.

Updated 07:00 AM
Some sentiment scenes are running now…….

Updated 06:55 AM
Some serious conversation between villain Sampath and Mahesh Babu.

Updated 06:45 AM
“Jago Jago…….” Song has just started.

Updated 06:43 AM
Superb funny comedy scene between Ali And Mahesh Babu.

Updated 06:40 AM
Comedian Ali makes an entry.

Updated 06:37 AM
Mahesh Babu comes up with his cycle look now.

Updated 06:35 AM
The movie again shifts to the village.

Updated 06:35 AM
The second half has just started.

Updated 06:25 AM
The second and the massive interval fighting sequence is on now…….

Updated 06:23 AM
Movie heading towards the interval.

Updated 06:20 AM
Its time for Srimanthudu Title song “Srimanthudaa……….”

Updated 06:17 AM
Some Love scenes between Mahesh Babu and Sruthi Hassan are going on.

Updated 06:15 AM
Another twist in the film comes now.

Updated 06:12 AM
The third song of the film “Chaaruseela……….” has just started.

Updated 06:08 AM
First fight in the film comes now.

Updated 06:05 AM
A small twist in the tale.

Updated 06:00 AM
Mukesh Rushi makes an entry.

Updated 05:55 AM
Scene shifts to Delhi.

Updated 05:52 AM
Second Song “Jata Kalise Jata Kalise…….” is running now.

Updated 05:50 AM
Some interesting romantic college scenes between Mahesh and Shruti Haasan are going on.

Updated 05:40 AM
Subba Raj and Vennela Kishore makes an entry. They are showing their comic streak.

Updated 05:30 AM
Rajendra Prasad makes an entry now.

Updated 05:27 AM
Actor Sampath introduced as village baddie.

Updated 05:23 AM
The film now shifts to village side.

Updated 05:20 AM
Some colleges scenes involving Shruthi Haasan are going on.

Updated 05:18 AM
Cute and gorgeous Shruthi Haasan makes an entry now.

Updated 05:16 AM
Some interesting scenes between Mahesh Babu and his father Jagapati Babu are going on now.

Updated 05:13 AM
First Song “Rama Rama…….” is running now.

Updated 05:10 AM
Our Star Hero Mahesh Babu makes a simple entry as Harsha.

Updated 05:07 AM
Jagapathi Babu makes an entry as a rich business man.

Updated 05:05 AM
The Titles are going on…….

Updated 05:00 AM
The film has just started…….

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