Strong Return Counter to Annapurna Sunkara by Writer Kittu Vissapragada

Strong Return Counter by Writer Kittu Vissapragada for Annapurna Sunkara


  1. Brother chala chala baga cheppav... She doesn't know the value of cinema and she dont know how to watch the movie...

  2. Bahubali movie lo adavalaki Viluva ivaledu ani anaru Annapurna Sunkara Garu...Kani Sivagami Character thanaki kanapadaleda movie lo,Devasena character kanapadaledaa...antha powerful ga herola kante adavalla character ki importance icharu movie lo....

  3. I ignored the video she uploaded several times but after seeing the response videos first, I felt I should watch the mess she spitted and I did. Honestly, I'm not much into movies but I definitely felt like smacking her face to the wall to keep her mouth shut..I personally felt I was being provoked and I'm sure a lot of men felt the same...

    Anyways,I want to express my view in general to ALL the WOMEN. It's trending now a days to see SOME(I rather say very few) woman hypocrites like this girl uploading shit and trying to create an impact on both the genders...Just because of the gesture and choice of words they use, the impact is going in the negative way and that's making things even more complicated....

    I prefer to ignore such shit/slap them with words.

    1. exactly....she is just trying to get visibility ,nothing other than that...People who are well wishers of the society will not blame anyone,instead they will help someone...but this girl is really uploading stupid videos just to create visibility ...

    2. And then same people like you criticize 'my choice' video featuring Deepika padukone. Super duper hypocrisy.

  4. Well said brother. Really she is poor to in understand telugu cinema and technicians capacity. Really I am proud about BAHUBALI. Jai telugu cinema.

  5. @Kittu Vissapragada...I do not completely agree with you. I do understand your points and some of them are pretty valid. Like the one that its not only about the women and that there are a lot of people and the movie or the making of the movie has a value to other people as well. But what I don't understand is why have you jumped to a quick conclusion? You said if dont like it dont watch it. She clearly mentioned she kept quiet for a whole lot of other movies but now wanted to share her thoughts. She does have a point when she talks about comedy and women. It does effect/influence people. As you said people should take the good and leave the bad, well, not all people do that and I making this statement from my own experiences which are as below.

    I was in college at that time. After happy days movie was out imagine the rate of juniors coming and proposing the senior girls. it was pretty high. They would follow our buses back to home, make silly comments, act silly and what not. Also, I do not know when did it became a trend to call girlfriend's father shitty names disrespecting him when the boyfriend has not even met the father. Where is all this coming from? Parents can control what they can see and not everything. Now coming to girls, they act pretty dumb sometimes all grown up when they are really not . Its like they are imitating heroines. I mean when was the last time you saw a 12-14 year old not dressed up like an 18 year old. There is a huge influence of movies/media on us. You cannot deny that.

    I havent watched bahubali yet so I wont comment on it. But the the rest of the points made by her are true. Comedy is so bad sometimes (not always). I mean if we can hum a song which is so catchy for the next few days after watching the movie why cant we pick the comedy lines that we really liked and not implement them? And if that comedy is something to do with a 30 year old man saying things to 60 year old man disrespecting him, it is bad. We as 23 and up year olds might know the difference between good and bad and choose accordingly but what about kids? Parents might not know how they behave in school or outside school. Seriously how much do parents know what kids are doing or behaving in school?

    Coming to the points she made about women is true as well. I do not understand why women are portrayed so stupid and dumb in some movies. Like we have no other job except nagging. Also the language used towards women when a hero is trying to make her fall in love with him ( sometimes not always) is bad. Seriously those dialogues are used by boys on us. I am not kidding.

    You are only mad because of the title may be and I am guessing you did not listen to the whole video of hers as you have not addressed even one of her other points. You can't just say its a story and accept it as it is not form an opinion on it. I agree not all stories have to have a message and can be just pure entertainment. I agree there should be balance of such movies and movies with no trolling and good comedy and stuff. There are good movies coming out right now and experimental movies coming out now. Thats great. But you are missing her whole point. Her point is the language and the attitude of I dont care in the movie is effecting/influencing people. Here people as in both males and females. You might be from a good family with good values and your friends are good too but not all people are like that. This is an actual problem. Don't deny it. Please keep aside the fact she talked about Bahubali for a minute and see the other points. Please try to understand it.

    1. @Kittu Vissapragada.....Appreciate the time you've taken to pen down your views, Unfortunately I do not have enough time to read your LENGTHY points.

      I wish there was length restriction to comments. No offence intended, apologies if felt so....

    2. @Rajendra Reddy.....None taken. BTW I did watch Baahubali yesterday and did not find anything wrong with it. It can be true she might have done it for publicity sake. But I still stick to my point which is movies has on influence on people and no one will take it to face value. Kittu Vissapragada telling people to ignore bad and take in good is not the solution which is why I dont completely agree with him.

  6. She might have had a valid point. But the analogies she used speaks so much about the hatred she holds against men. The fact that movies or for that matter any media reflects only the perception of the society. I never liked telugu movies. But the depiction of actors/actresses is a liberty that is best left with Director/Story writer. Encroaching up into that sphere is doesnot reflect good on liberal values.
    Nonetheless it is really a funny video. The analogies she tried using are pathetic. Her Her histrionics are surely better than most lead actors in the movies these days

    1. I completely agree. She used some weird analogies and not so good words to describe few things. But none of the responders (from what I have seen) have addressed my points above. ( please post a link of someone who has you think have addressed) How can she or anyone of us who understood the bigger point will conclude that you all understood it? Movies effect us. People imitate and expect similar things. A huge example is she herself. She used bad words where as it could have been conveyed in a nice and proper way.

  7. The world has The Good The Bad and The Ugly... there scaling are a miles apart. Women portrayal in movies specifically Telugu movies had its own space. Listing we have Karthavyam.. Jagadeka verrudu Athiloka Sundhari..Seeta Ramayya gari Manavaralu.. Missamma..Arundhathi...Malleshwari.. Pavitra Bandham... and many more out standing portrayal of women.
    [ ]

    The above movies are above her discretion levels and good she hasn't reviewed them.....and who gave these to us ... TELUGU INDUSTRY... Speaking of current trend we have Arundathi and Rudrama Devi [Respects] Anushka.... Take good always good (Haha I wonder what you would have told if you have seen Game of Thrones .. DEXTER.. Banshee.. english series's,)........If a movie makes all audience good then we would have all good men around us by now.

    Baahubali had its remarks.... rushy first half... few detailed work on Shivudu role.. easily unwrappable story... But had its exceptional work on women "THE KSHATRIYA KANTHA" concept added a huge lift than the heroic deeds. War Tactics were pretty much interesting but lost its detailing as the war rages "To say Bahubali is women on peak movie " Stop nagging ....

  8. @kittu........Ni bonda ra. Ni bonda.

    I am a man and i couldnt tolerate that shit you blurted out. I cant imagine how disgusted the women might be feeling.

    Forcefully tearing her clothes off against her wish looks sweet and artistic to you? You are sick. Get help.

    Just coz some guy falls in love with her, she needs to change according to 'his idea of a girl'?
    If he truly loves her, he should love her just the way she is.

    Why dont u have some mad dogs attack u n tear ur clothes off.then u can fall in love with them coz they did it outta love for u.u moron.

    You dumb dumb idiot. Its because of insensitive arseholes like you, who think anything is fair in love, that so many girls are suffering molestations, rapes n acid attacks.

    Ni vedhava video ki vere magallu (if u can stil call urselves that) likes kottadam kuda. Siggu leka pothe sari.

    Go ask the women in ur life....ur mom, ur sis, ur friend etc if they wud fall in love in with a man Who tears off their clothes.
    stupid morons.

  9. senseless talk by kittu. The worst justification i have ever seen.
    @Johngalt8 : good points raised.


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