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Baahubali Movie Review | Rajamouli | Prabhas | Rana | Anushka

Movie Name : Baahubali
Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Tamannah, Rana Daggubati, Ramyakrishna, Satyaraj, Nazar, Adivi sesh, prabhakar, chalapathi rao and others.
Director: SS Rajamouli
Production company: Arka Media Works
Music composed by: M.M. Keeravaani
Producers: Shobu Yarlagadda, Kovelamudi Raghavendra Rao, Prasad Devineni
Runtime: 159 minutes
Release date: 10th July,2015
Watched at Hitech theater,Madhapur (BenefitShow)

Behind the scenes

Whole India is waiting for Baahubali movie release as SS Rajamouli doesn't have flops in his movie list as a director. Staring prabhas, anushka, Tamanna and Rana in lead roles. Lets us see how the Baahubali movie is??


Shivudu(Prabhas): His innocent expressions are good. His hardwork shows in his character.

Baahubali(Prabhas): He shows kindness and aggressive ness in one character. Mostly this character plays in pre-climax war action sequence.

In both characters, he did his best. His dialogue delivery is just okay in both the roles especially in shivudu role.

Avanthika(Tamannah): Her skin show in one scene with prabhas and in Pachabottesina song is good. Her expressions are just okay.

Devasena(Anushka): Makeup wise pretty simple, but looks as a slave perfectly. Her aggressive looks are good in parts.

Sivagami(Ramyakrishna): Her look is good and voice apts to her role. Her command with rough voice in Mahastmathi Kingdom is simply Super.
Perfect cast to her role.

Ballala Deva(Rana Daggubati): His body and looks are good. His expressions are good in fight with bull. He gave career best performance.

Kattappa(Satya raj): He had major part in action sequences only. And in few scenes he showed his experience.

Bajjala Deva(Nasser): His looks is quite similar as in Dammu movie role. He is just okay as a cunning and partial guy as Ramyakrishna's husband and Rana's father.

Kalekeya chief(Prabhakar): His looks as a devil and he talks in new language. He had limited role in climax as opposition lead.

Bhadra(Adivi seenu): He supports to Rana in limited role. He doesn't have scope to perform or prove in this film. He just wasted in his role.

Remaining cast supports the lead cast in small roles. Rajamouli's comeo in one scene in second half.


SS Rajamouli came with epic action drama film. He showed Snow fight , War scenes and water fall scenarios at best. Action sequences are well picturised. Movie Ended without any Strong Reason/Conclusion. Audience leaves with insufficient weight. Need to wait one more year for #Baahubali PART 2.

Technical values

Music by MM Keeravani is good. His background score is good in parts but he had scope to give few more good BGM tunes. Picturaisation wise Pachabottesina song is good. Art work by Sabu Cyril is simply fantastic. Visual effects supervision by Srinivas Mohan is one of highlight of the film. Almost every frame of this movie is simply beautiful . Firefly Creative Studios, Makuta VFX Studio and Prasad EFX). The Waterfall sequence (by Makuta VFX Studio), Gaur Fight (by Tau Films) and Mahismathi Kingdom shots are simply awesome.

Cinematography by K K senthil kumar is simply super. Especially waterfall, snow and war scenes. Fight Choreography by Peter Heins is brilliantly choreographed especially war scenes. Dialogues by Ch. Vijay Kumar & G. Ajay Kumar are good in parts like 'Maata echina vaalu chachi poyyi undochu... Echina maata chachipoledhu kadhaa', 'Vanda Mandini Chamipite Veerudantaaru , Okaadini Kaapaadinaa Devudantaaru.. etc.. The costumes by Rama Rajamouli & Prashanti Tripirneni are appropriate. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao had scope to trim few scenes in first half especially.  Production values of Arka Media are grand..


- Art work
- War scenes
- Few techniques
- Second half


- Slow start( First 25-35 minutes)
- Part of scenes
- No strong conclusion

Final verdict

Baahubali Movie starts with slow pace and picks up in pre-interval and continues same tempo in post interval with War scenes and Climax is abrupt.

War scenes and few elevated scenes are highlights of this film.

GO without any huge Expectations. Then only it is worth watching. Otherwise you will leave the theaters with quite disappointment.

Rating : 3.5/5

Review by ManiKick

***The ratings and analysis of the above reviews do not reflect the opinion of the audience. It is merely the reviewer’s perception and has no connection with the box office***

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