Rajamouli Copied First Look of Baahubali?

You may escape from the eye of common audience or you may break from the scrutiny of movie intelligentsia but you cannot break the barrier of social networking. In less than one day after the interesting poster of ‘Bahubali’ is released (with a small infant saved by a hand from under water), here comes plagiarism complaints on SS Rajamouli for copying the poster from a 1998 Americal comedy film ‘Simon Birch.’

In the past, Rajamouli is also attacked on social networking for copying the theme of ‘Bahubali’ teaser from a Hollywood film. Now, the same happened even for the poster which actually began the one month of pre release ‘Bahubali’ promotions. The first poster is rightly titled as ‘Bahubali: The Beginning.’ Ever since, social networking is flooded with ‘Simon Birch’ posters exactly resembling ‘Bahubali’ poster, the attack has become a bit more aggressive.

Nevertheless if Rajamouli explained the theme of ‘Bahubali’ poster as, ‘He has to fulfill his destiny, come what may…,’ the theme of ‘Simon Birch’ is also almost similar, ‘Destiny has big plans for Simon Birch.’ Well, call it an inspiration or merely co-incidental… we must appreciate Rajamouli for using ‘Simon Birch’ by timely modification for ‘Bahubali.’

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