I Movie Live Updates | Manoharudu AI Movie Review | Vikram Shankar

I Movie Live Updates | Manoharudu AI Movie  Review | Vikram Shankar

11.50 am Movie end.
11.50 am Revenge drama with a difference. No fights but Vikram is getting better off
11.39 am Cinematography and art work breathe life into climax scenes. Rehmans BG is great
11.30 am Climax scenes on. Vikram is great in expressions. Get ready for brilliant climax
11.20 am Vikram rocks in a scene showing his wailing talent. Make-up and acting are A-class
11.08 am Nuvvante jataga.. is novel. Pathos and sadism are juxtaposed
11.00 am Flashes of professional rivalry and corporate villainy on. Film on a new intense high.

10.48 am The very many funny ads in which Aamy and Vikram are good, as they are part of the story
10.32 am First half verdict - Entertaining with fun and visual feast. China track falters. Shankar opts for aprichitudu - style narration. Will second half be the 3rd i ?
10.18 am Chinese - style choreography is top-notch. Amy rocks with rustic slang
10.05 am Vikram excels in senti act. Amy proves a match. Film fhrows hints of what is in store
9.58 am Visuals in China are top-notch. We always knew shankar's I for fashion and scenary.

9.50 am Scene shifts to China. We are in for turn-around. Will amy deliver ?
9.43 am Gay comedy slides the film into low brow zone. Vikram-amy track is now full-fledged.
9.40 am Comedy track involving Vikram and santhanam are great
9.30 am Pareshan ayya.. is such a visual feast. Vikram and amy strike great chemistry. Shankar's ideas are novel.
9.23 am First surprise raises the bar. Shades of grey keep us guessing. What is in store ?
9.20 am First fight boasts of terrific choreography. Vikram is macho
9.15 am Vikram flexing muscles is authentic. Sure to make it brawn award
9.12 am Amy rocks in item song. Amy is a model

9.10 am Vikram enters with ugly avatar. Visuals are stunning
8.55 am Movie started now. Prasadz Imax in Hyderabad. Stay tuned..

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